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Tight Squeeze
December 17, 2003 – 7:19 am | No Comment

I was rigging up a dishwasher for a family down Ronald Place last week. Don’t know why he couldn’t just have bought her a pair of pink Marigold gloves and saved himself a few quid …

Princess Diana and the Paparazzi
November 28, 2003 – 8:48 am | No Comment

It’s enough to make me bleedin blood boil, it really is.
Three froggie paparazzi have just got away with taking pictures of our Princess Diana, God bless her, on the night she died. It’s flippin misbelievable.
These …

George W Bush
November 18, 2003 – 8:41 am | No Comment

Just yesterday I was fitting a new s-bend for a woman in Richmond Place. I say ‘new’ it was actually a bit second hand and had spent the previous ten years of its existence in …

Auntie Joanna
November 5, 2003 – 7:26 am | No Comment

Hello sweeties
I speak to you this week as a woman shocked and angry. No, Fortnum and Mason haven’t messed up my Bolly order again, thank heaven. I am really quite peeved at this latest media …

Channel 4
October 7, 2003 – 7:35 am | No Comment

Did you see that Derren Brown geezer do that Russian Roulette thing on Channel 4 the other night? Flipping brilliant it was. The only slight disappointment was that the smug git didn’t blow his brains …

Mrs George Best
September 24, 2003 – 8:48 am | No Comment

Hello sweeties
Have you heard? The skinny blonde strumpet who was this month’s Mrs George Best has given the old boy the boot. Poor Georgie.
Now if you are looking for some inside skinny on Georgie from …

New Shoes
August 13, 2003 – 4:04 am | No Comment

Hello sweeties
You may have read in the better newspapers that it is becoming popular for ladies with a dedication to fashion to have their little toes removed in order to wear decent shoes. And why …

Jeffrey Archer released
July 23, 2003 – 4:42 am | No Comment

Wasn’t it nice to see Lord Archer being released from prison on Monday? The poor man should never have been locked up with common criminals but at least now he can indulge in his own …

Tim Henman
July 4, 2003 – 10:13 am | No Comment

Oh darlings, isn’t it so terribly sad? Poor little Timmy Henman has been foiled yet again in his quest to win Wimbers. Trust the flaming French to spoil things.
I was so sure that Timmy was …

Moral Decline of a Nation
May 7, 2003 – 7:08 am | No Comment

Is nothing sacred?
The festering politically correct lefties that are ruining this country are at it again. You can’t open a door for a woman without someone accusing you of being sexist, you can’t respect a …