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Articles tagged with: Cheltenham

Sweets for me sweet, Noland for me honey
March 14, 2006 – 4:18 am | No Comment

HowyaJayus I love the smell of a scam in the morning. First Tuesday of Cheltenham and there’s already a whisper for a hit on the sods with the satchels. A whisper? It’s a bleeding roar.You’ll …

Magnier’s the real cowboy
March 18, 2004 – 5:15 am | No Comment

Jaysus was I not after telling you that eejit JP Magnier was as much use as a condom on a fish? He had a double handful coming to the last on Rhinestone Cowboy but didn’t …

St Paddy’s Day. Please!!!
March 17, 2004 – 3:18 am | No Comment

Happy St Paddy’s to youse all but jayus lads, how bad was that yesterday?
The drink link has taken a bigger battering than Lisa Jones gives her gee gees. If Mrs O’Farrell knew how much cash …

Paradise found
March 16, 2004 – 3:57 am | No Comment

Jaysus it’s bleedin deadly here at Cheltenham, so it is. There’s always something special in the air down here — probably the farts of ten thousand paddies after a night on the black stuff but …