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Articles tagged with: Jimmy Choo

Telly ho
October 20, 2004 – 4:41 am | No Comment

Hello sweeties
I was supposed to be at the opening of something last night. Dashed if I can remember what — a film, an art gallery, a bottle, an envelope. Who can keep up? (Not my …

Mrs George Best
September 24, 2003 – 8:48 am | No Comment

Hello sweeties
Have you heard? The skinny blonde strumpet who was this month’s Mrs George Best has given the old boy the boot. Poor Georgie.
Now if you are looking for some inside skinny on Georgie from …

New Shoes
August 13, 2003 – 4:04 am | No Comment

Hello sweeties
You may have read in the better newspapers that it is becoming popular for ladies with a dedication to fashion to have their little toes removed in order to wear decent shoes. And why …

Moral Decline of a Nation
May 7, 2003 – 7:08 am | No Comment

Is nothing sacred?
The festering politically correct lefties that are ruining this country are at it again. You can’t open a door for a woman without someone accusing you of being sexist, you can’t respect a …

Christmas Lights
January 16, 2003 – 3:44 am | No Comment

Well so that was Christmas and what did you do? Another year older, 20 bottles of shampoo.
Thank Gucci that’s the end of another season of comfort and joy darlings. I have been to more openings, …